Futebol dá FORÇA's leadership training & certification Part 2:
SRHR for Football Coaches Module 2
1. Sexualisation
This video is an introduction to sexualisation and different forms of violence - and how we can prevent it.

2. Different Forms of Violence
This video highlights the four main forms of violence:

- Physical violence
- Psychological violence
- Verbal violence
- Sexual violence
3. Preventing Violence
Now, let's equip you with a toolbox for how to prevent violence!
In this video you'll learn about how you as a leader can make a difference for your players.
You can do a lot only by talking about sexualisation and violence, however, in this video,
we also give you tools and a strategy for how to prevent violence in practice.
Take a few minutes to reflect around your strategy to prevent violence.
Bring your reflection to the second certification session.

To complete Module 2, participate in the second certification session on Zoom.
You find the link in the WhatsApp group for your training.