Futebol dá FORÇA's leadership training & certification Part 2:
SRHR for Football Coaches Module 1
1. Introduction to Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)
In this video you will get an introduction to sexual and reproductive health and rights.
We know that many times girls around the world do not have enough information or confidence to act based on their own needs and what feels good for them, which might greatly affect their future prospects. Therefore, sexual and reproductive health and rights is a very important part of empowering girls.

2. Our BODY
This video focuses on the first part of sexuality, that is sensuality. The video gives you an overview of how sensuality is about one's awareness, acceptance and comfortability with one's own body, and how it is about how we think and feel about our own body and the bodies of others.
3. Our Feelings
The second part of sexuality is intimacy. Our intimacy and feelings are closely linked, since intimacy is about our ability and need to experience emotional closeness. It is about the understanding of our own feelings and the feelings of others. This greatly influences our wellbeing and our relationships throughout life, which is why creating a strong foundation among children to understand and listen to their feelings is really important.
Our identity is what defines who we really are. It simply answers the question: "Who am I?"
This video covers different aspects of identity related to gender and sexuality.
5. Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights
Our sexual and reproductive health and rights are part of our human rights.
As a leader you can play a meaningful role for your players by talking
about sexual and reproductive health from a rights-based perspective.
6. Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights are Human Rights
This video gives you an overview of the 12 sexual and reproductive rights, as part of the UN Human Rights,
and how we can talk about and explain these rights to young children.
Take a few minutes to reflect around why sexuality and
sexual and reproductive health and rights matters to you as a football coach.
Bring your reflection to the first certification session.

To complete Module 1, participate in the first certification session on Zoom.
You find the link in the WhatsApp group for your training.