Futebol dá FORÇA's leadership training & certification Part 3:
Football Coaching Training Module 2
1. The game
To develop your football players, you as a coach need to plan the training session by starting off from what the players individually and jointly do in the games - you must start from the game itself, football! In this video, we will go through the essentials that you as a football coach must know to coach football and develop your football players.
2. Offensive Play & Attacking
Offensive play, attacking, is the phase when your team is in possession of the ball. In this video, we go through the principles of how to train and develop your players' and team's offensive play.
3. Attacking in Practice
So how do we practice attacking? In this video, we will give you a guide to coach attacking and develop your football players with guiding questions.
4. Defensive Play, Defending & Transitioning
In parallel with developing your players' attacking, you will also practice your teams' defending. In this video, we will give you a guide to coach defensive play and develop your football players defending and transitioning skills.
5. Football Technique, Football Action and the Information Process
Football is fundamentally about attacking, to score goals, and defending, to prevent the other team from scoring goals. Everything on the football field can be described by a players' football technique in different football actions. To understand the complexity of each specific situation and action, we will look at the information process and the importance of decision-making.
Take a few minutes to reflect around how to coach football and develop your players' football skills simply by allowing your players to actually play football and make as many decisions themselves as possible. What should you football training sessions look like for your players to develop? Bring your reflection to the first certification session.

To complete Module 2, participate in the second certification session on Zoom.
You find the link in the WhatsApp group for your training.