Futebol dá FORÇA's leadership training & certification Part 1:
Values-based Leadership Module 1
1. this is futebol dá FORÇA
Watch the introduction to Futebol dá força and our Leadership Training. In this video you meet our founder Cecilia Safaee, who will also guide you through our leadership training online. Cecilia gives you an overview of Futebol dá força, what we do and how you can become a certified leader within our movement.
2. Our story
Listen to our founder Cecilia telling the story of how Futebol dá força once started in a small community in Mozambique to become a global movement.
3. The problem
In this video, you'll get an overview of the problems that we are trying to solve. We talk about how girls lack equal opportunities and how this can affect their lives and futures in different ways. We look at the root causes to these problems, and what is needed to address them.
4. our solution
We believe that we can solve the problems outlined in the previous video through football, leadership, and evidence-based tools for behavior and attitude change. Therefore, we want to take Futebol dá força to every football field in the world. This video introduces you to how we use football as a tool and platform to tackle global problems that limit girls' rights and opportunities.
5. our VALUES
Behind Futebol dá força are strong values that guide us in everything we do. In this video, you'll get an introduction to our four core values that we base our leadership and work on.
Take a few minutes to reflect around which one of these values resonates with you the most right now, and why. Bring your reflection to the first certification session.

To complete Module 1, participate in the first certification session on Zoom.
You find the link in the WhatsApp group for your training.