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Celebrating our 10 year anniversary - doubling the amount of girls engaged

10 years ago on this day - the Mozambican Women’s Day - Futebol dá força was officially launched. We’re proud to celebrate our 10 year anniversary at our Center of Reference in Mozambique by launching our national Futebol dá força Football League, Mutola Cup, after two years of no games or workshops due to the pandemic.

And we’re doing so by doubling the amount of girls engaged to 18.960 girls ready to kick off the season today! We are absolutely overwhelmed and amazed by all of the engagement from our coaches across the country - and especially our coaches trained throughout the pandemic that now finally can put their knowledge into practice.

Every week girls are empowered through trainings, games & workshops around girls’ health and rights led by our amazing coaches, that also work with girls’ family members and the local community to ensure girls’ equal rights and opportunities in the long run.

When we started 10 years ago, very few parents allowed their daughters to play with us - now after 10 years of leading behavior change, communities stand behind girls cheering them on at the pitch and in life.

Our national football league serves as an educational platform for girls’ empowerment to advance girls’ rights and opportunities. Pre-COVID, we had 12.660 girls engaged in Mozambique, and throughout the pandemic we’ve been able to support 99% of them. We have prevented child marriage and early unwanted pregnancies. We have only registered five cases of teenage pregnancy among our girls during the pandemic, compared to the national average of 120 per day.

We have also made sure that 99% or our girls, all that we’ve managed to keep in our football teams, have been able to continue their schooling and return to school as they reopened. And now that we’re able to come back to the football field and play again, we’re doing so with the 50% more girls!