Behind the scenes:
Behind Futebol dá força there are strong values and a strong organisational philosophy. With a core team, that behind the scenes work hard to reach our vision and always increase our impact, we maintain a small efficient organisation so that we in the future hopefully won't have to exist anymore.
Our values
Everyone's equal value, rights & potential
We believe in everyone's equal value, rights and potential. Everyone has equal value and rights, and should have the same opportunities to access their full potential. Everyone can do great things if they are aware of their potential and also have the possibility to explore it.

Determined courage
We know where we want to go, and we are on our way there. We have the courage and determination to be different, to dare to change and to lead change. We have the strength to always stand up for our values and to continue making our vision reality.

Transparent co-creation
We invite and include everyone to create Futebol dá força - what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We trust that everyone can contribute, and that the more people that join in and co-create what we do, the stronger we will be. To be able to co-create, we base our work on equality, inclusion, trust and transparency. We do this because we know that we are stronger together.

Sustainable change
We lead change and strive to be a bridge between an old world and a new one, where everyone is included. We are here to stay, but our goal is that what we do will be done without us doing it. We therefore incorporate what we do in local structures to create a sustainable platform to make our vision reality. Since we lead change and work in an ever-changing environment, we have to be flexible, entrepreneurial and adapt to local circumstances. By basing our work on co-creation, we can be everything we need to be and also make sure that we are relevant in the local contexts where we work.

Organisational philosophy
To make our vision reality, we always need to develop and increase our impact. To do so, we are dependent on developing as an organisation. To develop as an organisation, our co-workers need to have the opportunity to develop as individuals and professionals so that they can reach their full potential - and thus enable Futebol dá força to reach its full potential.

Upside-down structure
In order to always develop and lead ongoing change, we need to be flexible, entrepreneurial and relevant in the local contexts where we work. Therefore, we have turned the traditional organisational structure upside-down. All operational planning, budgeting and decision-making is done at grassroots level. This makes it possible for all our programs to reflect actual local demands and to always adapt to the local context. It also enables us to always have many multiplier effects in everything we do. By putting a lot of effort into details, we maximize the total impact on many different levels. Our country directors support our coordinators and make sure that all local activities are aligned in making our vision reality. Our CEO and board in turn support our country directors to align all aspects of the organisation to ensure that our values guide us towards our goal.

Co-creation makes Futebol dá força what we are. It is one of our core values and also a working model that we use for everything we do. In all aspects of our work we co-create solutions to jointly defined challenges. We engage and include the team members, leaders, girls, communities and partners to be part of defining what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

Together we are stronger. The more perspectives that we can integrate in our work, the better impact we have. In order for us to reach our full potential as an organisation, it is vital that all co-workers can be who they are. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are fundamental for us. We have a broad range of people from different backgrounds that make Futebol dá força what it is. We are proud to be different and that we have many different perspectives coming together in one strong organisation which enables us to have a greater impact on the world.

The best workplace in the world
We have high ambitions. One of them is that we want all our co-workers to feel that they have the best job in the world where they can develop as individuals and professionals. That requires the best workplace in the world. And it requires that we take care of our co-workers, so that we can stay healthy and strong together. We always try to find the right place for the right person, and co-create job descriptions to perfectly suit everyone's own passion, competence, needs and desires on our way to make our vision reality. Anyone living with HIV/AIDS, or any other similar medical condition, is able to get the support they need from the organisation, such as voluntary testing, medication, treatments and any other support requested, in order to be able to contribute to the organisation at their full potential. During menstruation, co-workers can adapt their workload to a pace that suits them so they also can take care of PMS or menstrual cramps from hell. We have flexible working hours, the possibility to use free amount of working hours for personal development and free vacation. This enables our co-workers to be more efficient, creative and simply more spot on in everything they do, while having fun at the same time.
Our team
Our core team working globally with our online platform FDF Movement and our programs in Mozambique, Sweden & Zambia.
Cecilia Safaee
Founder & CEO

[email protected]
+46 72 72 72 580
Sara 'Sarita' Jacob Simone
Co-founder & Country Director Mozambique

[email protected]
+258 84 120 0000
Frida Persson
Country Director Sweden & the Åland Islands

[email protected]
+46 70 586 31 19
Mike Ndebele
Country Director Zambia

[email protected]
+260 97 328 99 86
Keeva Duffey
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

[email protected]
+46 72 972 55 92
Stefan Jonsson
FDF for Business Coordinator

[email protected]
+46 70 517 70 46
Ida Wahlström
Method Developer
Team Mozambique
Sara 'Sarita' Jacob Simone
Co-founder & Country Director
[email protected]
Bernardo Machava
Administration & Finance Officer
[email protected]
Sualé Chande
Content & Communications Coordinator
[email protected]
Higino Mucambe
Programs Coordinator
[email protected]
Acaçio Munguambe
Regional Coordinator Southern Mozambique / Provincial Coordinator Maputo City & Province
[email protected]
Agnaldo Luís Germano
Regional Coordinator Central & Northern Mozambique / Provincial Coordinator Zambezia
[email protected]
Gabriel Tomás Ernesto
Provincial Coordinator Gaza
[email protected]
Patricio Leonardo Muhache
Provincial Coordinator Inhambane
[email protected]
Arnaldo Elias Brande
Provincial Coordinator Manica
[email protected]
Pedro Alfandega
Provincial Coordinator Sofala
[email protected]
Florinda Manzine
Provincial Coordinator Niassa
[email protected]
FDF Movement Ambassadors
Instead of having offices all over the world
- we work together with our local country representatives, our Ambassadors,
that train and support our coaches within
FDF Movement in their respective countries.
Noora Mikola
FDF Movement Ambassador - Finland
[email protected]
Georgina Carmona
FDF Movement Ambassador - Mexico
[email protected]
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