We empower young voluntary leaders as football coaches, focusing on value based leadership, sexual & reproductive health and how they as effective and positive role models and coaches can empower young girls and change the playing field where they work, in order for girls to increase their opportunities to improve their own future. Read more about how we do that in Finland, Mozambique, Sweden and Zambia!

We promote girls' physical, psychological, sexual and emotional health. Our leaders coach, inspire and empower young girls several times a week. The coaches bring together and train girls in football teams that serve as a safe place where girls can unconditionally have fun, meet an inspiring role model and develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Our coaches also transform the changing room talk into a constructive dialogue, enabling the girls to make informed decisions in questions concerning their future. Read more about how we do that in Finland, Mozambique, Sweden and Zambia!

We create a safe environment where young coaches lead a positive development where everyone involved benefits: young girls, their families and society in general. Our coaches not only become important support for their players - but above all a role model in the area where they work. By using football the coaches reach a large group of youth as well as society in general, and can therefore change attitudes and structures without being frightening or provocative. Read more about how we do this in Finland, Mozambique, Sweden and Zambia!

Futebol dá força was founded in Mozambique in 2012 with one team and has since then expanded to today have close to 400 voluntary coaches empowering more than 8000 girls in Finland, Mozambique, Sweden and Zambia!

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Futebol dá força @TEDxTalks

Our founder Cecilia Andrén Nystrom speaking at TEDxTalks about how we all can change the world - what Futebol dá força is all about!

Marta Vieira da Silva supports Futebol dá força!

The best football player in the world, Marta Vieira da Silva, shows her support for Futebol dá força and explains how we change the world through football!

Kosovare Asllani ambassador for Futebol dá força

Our awesome ambassador Kosovare Asllani, pro footballer in PSG and the Swedish National Team, talks about why she supports Futebol dá força!